These are the best Irish pubs in Boston

Shipping up to Boston? These Irish pubs in Boston are among the top-rated on Yelp.

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Boston is Massachusetts’ largest city and home to many wonderful sites. Whether you want to take in some culture by touring around Harvard University or fancy catching a few home runs at Fenway Park then Boston has you covered.

Above all else, Boston has some of the best Irish pubs in all of America. Sure they may not have happy hour or stay open till 4 am but what they do have is plenty of craic and traditional Irish flair. It is also a place where many Irish people call home. There is a deep heritage of Irish culture here which you can find out more about by visiting the Irish Culture Centre…

L Street Tavern

A local favorite, L Street Tavern is tucked away off the beaten track in South Boston or “Southie” if you watch any movie based in Boston. Untouched by the rustle and bustle of constant tourists this Irish pub is a local hidden gem.

This is an Irish pub where you know what you’ll get with good fun, good food and good times. As well as all that goodness, L Street Tavern is also famed with being a pub featured in the Oscar-winning movie Good Will Hunting, so “how do you like them apples.”

“Atmosphere= A+ (the jukebox was a big hit). Service= A+ the bartender was quite friendly and had the fireball flowing. Value was it was very good. I am glad to give this place a 5-star rating. Thanks L Street I’ll be back!”

“Good spot. The bartender was great, the other customers were friendly, prices were reasonable, and it had a very Boston feel to it. We went because it was the spot where Good Will Hunting was filmed.”