Welcome to Woody's L Street Tavern

Nestled in the heart of City Point in South Boston is L Street Tavern, where Irish charm, neighborhood spirit, and local hospitality collide.

Upon visiting, you will inevitably meet some locals, maybe some tourists, definitely some Southie millennials and occasionally, a famous personality, as the Academy Award winning film, Good Will Hunting, put this bar on the global map.

The cozy, neighborhood watering hole was the hangout for the characters of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in this film, which launched their careers as successful screenwriters, actors and producers; yet the pub still embraces the true Southie spirit and retains its local charm with friendly bar staff and patrons.

Situated on the busy, sunny intersection of L and 8th, this welcoming pub provides a level of comfort for all; so be sure to clear your calendar when stopping by as you will more than likely stay awhile.


As lifelong South Boston residents, a deep connection to the neighborhood, and proud of our Irish heritage, we strive to provide every patron with a true, local experience as well as a comfortable, fun visit. We feel that L Street Tavern is a special place – life is stressful- so we hope that you come by, relax, raise a pint, and revel in the company of new friends and old friends with our down-to-earth bar staff.  For more than twenty years, we have hosted local charity events, Boston sports championships (we are “Title Town”), epic cold-water swim events and amazing Saint Paddy’s Day festivities; but our favorite days are with the friends of L Street Tavern who have always been so welcoming and supportive. We look forward to serving you. Sláinte.

Woody & Susan